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There is Something for Everyone At Trinity

Why take a few minutes to hear from Pastor Danny about Trinity's cultural and diverse community here in North Port.

I honestly can see the change that God has been doing  both in my children's lives and mine. The church's love and care for the members make you feel like family. Who wouldn't want to be apart of that!!! Before attending Trinity United Methodist Church, I was feeling down and nearly defeated . Now I feel like I truly delight in the joy that God has in store for my life. If you need Sunday morning joy or family that cares and reaches out to their members, wel Trinity's that place to be.



After moving to North Port, we were looking for a place to worship and found Trinity United Methodist Church. The congregation was very friendly, and welcoming and made it a point to personally greet us every week. Pastor Danny gives great sermons and it touches your heart. We enjoyed the service and went again for a few more weeks and we are now attending regularly. Trinity United Methodist Church is the "Friendliest Church in Town."

David and Verna Mealy.

After my wife, Bonnie and daughter, Alicia, and Trent had been to Sunday services a couple of times they convinced me into going by telling me of the people and how friendly everyone had been. Together we feel like we're all family.Our children have enjoyed being involved in the choir and the Christmas play. Trinity is a wonderful place to worship and learn about God. We're glad God led us to Trinity.

Gary Chrisman

While in the Library, I saw a flyer for Trinity United Methodist Church in North Port. They called themselves the "friendliest church in town." That sounded like something to challenge, so I went the next Sunday. I was prepared to prove that they weren't very friendly ...but they really were. I felt at home. I've been attending ever since. The second week some people even remembered me. I invite you to put us to the test, too.

Katha Endress

Thank you so much for the warm welcome to Trinity United Methodist Church! From the moment we walked in the door, so much kindness and friendliness. What a blessing! Who would believe the first couple we met are from Evansville, IN area (Bob and Juanita)? We both agreed that it was the best welcome to church we have had ever. Thanks again!

Pam and Mark

Pam and Mark


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